“We contracted dala! on recommendation of another NGO we know to facilitate a Strategic Planning Day with the staff and Board of the Trust – fourteen people altogether, all from very different backgrounds and with different skills. We gave Allan a lot of background documents to read, including a rough draft of our next Strategic Plan, and Allan came up with a helpful programme for the day, with useful observations and ideas. Allan spent a lot of his own time preparing for the day by attending one of our events in a voluntary capacity and getting to know more about the Trust. He proved to be a popular facilitator with our Board members who were full of praise for his facilitation after the day was over. There was some tricky terrain to navigate and Allan’s homework on our organisation certainly paid off. We made considerable progress towards finalising our Strategic Plan, and we are glad Allan had been recommended to us.”

- Canon Collins Trust (based in the UK)


“Allan is a seasoned international development professional with a wide range of well-honed skills. He has a deep and solid understanding of a wide range of development issues, both strategic and operational, and this is backed up by sound experience in a range of settings. His knowledge of strategic and programmatic processes, and ability to engage in comprehensive analysis and planning, are key assets, as is his ability to engage in well-informed discourse at all levels. He is an excellent communicator and his ability to engage in creative and inspiring communication, both written and verbal, is widely acknowledged. His comprehensive understanding of rights-based issues locally, regionally and globally, provides a solid and well-informed foundation for his ongoing development work. His ability to work with excellence in rapidly changing and dynamic contexts is also a significant asset.”

- Oxfam Australia


“Allan and I worked closely together on HR issues for our organisation, as well as a number of special projects, one of these being the design and implementation of a Change Management Plan. Allan's organisational development knowledge and leadership skills were instrumental in the strategy and successful delivery of the plan. This was largely due to his engagement with staff, his encouraging manner and his willingness to mentor so many of us. As part of the management team, it was clear from the start that he was well respected within the broader organisational network and beyond. He was always willing to think outside of the box, engage willingly and debate. Allan led from the front and works with the highest of integrity and honesty. It was a pleasure and a privilege to have been part of his team.”

- Oxfam in South Africa


“Allan has a strong sense of logic and order. This enables him to gain oversight of complex situations and understand the various components of the situation and how they are interconnected. Such oversight means that Allan is able to provide clarity and understanding to others, but also that he is able to plot and put into effect plans for change and progress. These abilities are strongly complimented by Allan’s creativity which he expresses in his problem solving and in his strategic thinking.”

- Oxfam in South Africa


“Allan has a great sense of people and easily manages to relate to others. He has the ability to create space for other in dialogues and his strong sense of justice is evident in the way he relates to others, especially those who often excluded from spaces. Allan is a natural leader and a valuable asset.”

- Oxfam in South Africa