CARE International

Undertaking a scoping study to recommend an engagement strategy for CARE International in South Africa.


Aids Legal Network, South Africa

Provision of fundraising strategy support, internal policy development and strategic management support.


Biowatch South Africa

Facilitated strategic, advocacy and research planning processes.


Seed and Knowledge Initiative (SKI), Southern Africa

Documented the SKI partner meeting and mid-term review feedback process.


Canon Collins Trust, UK-based

Facilitated strategic plan finalisation and related planning processes.


The Southern Africa Food Lab

Facilitated the ‘Food and Nutrition Design Lab’ to build intersectional partnerships to enable the Western Cape Household Food Security and Nutrition Strategy.

Facilitated a planning process for the establishment of a smallholder farmers market/hub in the Western Cape.

Advised on scenarios and participated in focus groups. See: The Future of Food in South Africa: Four scenarios examining possible futures of the food system in South Africa.



Provision of change management and human resource transition process design and implementation in Kenya and Tanzania.

Facilitated the Horn, East and central Africa Country Directors' meeting.

Researched and wrote two learning papers for Oxfam Australia in South Africa, examining key aspects of the programme to document and share best practice. See: ‘Integral Praxis’ in Reflections and Learning from Practice: Oxfam Australia in South Africa (Feb 2016, p. 5) and An ecological approach to partnership.